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Judgment and vision

By Griffin · February 4th, 2008 · 2 Comments

I missed the score, but got the margin of victory exactly right:

I do know that for all 18 games this season, anyone who picked against the Patriots was wrong.  But I also know that my mother told me, “Cheaters never win.”  So considering the fact that the Giants matchup as well as anyone with the Pats, and considering that their playoff run has consisted of two road wins over the NFC’s two best teams, I’m gonna have to go with Mom over the conventional wisdom on this one:

Giants 38, Patriots 35

MORNING AFTER UPDATE: What a game!  Baby Manning played the game of his life, the Giants defense sacked Brady 5(!) times and held the Patriots offense to an unthinkable 14 points, Belichick probably wishes he didn’t give away a 49-yard field goal attempt to go for it on 4th and 13 late in the 3rd quarter (4th and 13? What was he thinking?), and this might be the play of the decade.

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    B. The county treasurer shall be ex officio tax collector. [url=][/url] 24.09.2011

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