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Romney’s out

By Griffin · February 7th, 2008 · No Comments

According to Halperin, Mitt is dropping out of the race today.  I’m guessing the Romney 5 took a look at Dad’s chances and advised him not to spend another dime of their inheritance on this hopeless campaign.

I’ve been saying for a while now that instead of trying to be someone he’s not– a strong social conservative with a business background– Romney should have run from the beginning as who he is– a social moderate with a strong business background.  Perhaps he guessed early on that that space would be occupied too thoroughly by then-national-frontrunner Rudy Giuliani, and that to succeed Romney had to distance himself in some significant way from Rudy (not cross-dressing wasn’t enough?).

The economy started tanking in November, but Mitt was so busy giving speeches about how much Mormons love Jesus and how Ronald Reagan inspired him to join the NRA that he didn’t seem to catch on to the fact that his actual real-life background was perfect for the moment.  He finally recognized and made the pivot to being the CEO candidate after Iowa, but by then it was too late.  A year’s worth of pandering and flip-flopping made the new, old Mitt Romney look like just another facade.  If he had been running as the economy-first candidate from the beginning, he may have had trouble catching on in the summer, but he would have surged in December– a stay-the-course strategy of authenticity that worked perfectly for McCain when The Surge began to show signs of “success” late in the year.  But in the end, Romney is a good guy with a lot of money and an incredibly attractive family who merely made a terrible miscalculation at the beginning of his campaign that doomed it from the start.

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