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So I guess they kicked me off of Digg

By Griffin · February 26th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Yesterday, I noticed I was having trouble with my Digg account, which is where I usually go to submit stories and see what’s hot in the blogosphere.  The site would let me log in, but then whenever I tried to click another link, it would automatically log me out.  It kept doing this over and over, and I couldn’t figure out why; I was thinking maybe it was just a temporary glitch.  I even e-mailed them to see if there was something wrong with my account.

And then it hit me.

The last story I submitted before I started having trouble was this one, titled “Opposition research overload.”  But as you can see from the link address, I had originally titled it “Oppo research overload: Clinton attacks rape victim, Obama befriends terrorist.”  And if you read the post, you’ll see that that’s exactly what it’s about– two rival Democratic campaigns pushing over-the-top hit pieces in the press, and the potential consequences of those tactics in the general election.

Problem is, Digg only lets you submit titles that are 60 characters or long, which forced me to shorten the original title.  So in my haste, I cut off the qualifier at the beginning and submitted the post with the title “Clinton attacks rape victim, Obama befriends terrorist.”

In retrospect… Oops.

I can see how a title like that might jump out to a moderator who is scanning Digg for spam or inappropriate content.  I can also see how, with thousands of submissions a day, they would lock the post, delete the submitting account, and ban my IP address without thinking twice or bothering to click the link to see that it actually was a legitimate (though unfortunately titled) story.  And I’m guessing that’s what happened.

So as Max Power would say, that’s the end of that chapter.

It kind of sucks ’cause Digg accounted for about 20% of my traffic, and it was nice to see which of my posts were making an impact and which were falling flat.  It’s a great sort of instant gratification tool for writers.  But unfortunately, it looks like from now on, my sense of self-worth and personal validation will have to come from learning to love myself instead of from a blog widget.

UPDATE: Finally got an e-mail response from Digg.  Turns out the whole thing was just a technical glitch, my account is still active, and this entire post worth of paranoia was a complete waste.  Ah, well.

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  • 1 Emmett Jones // Feb 27, 2008 at 3:07 am

    You might want to try or They’re just like Digg. Not as popular, although a lot of people have complained about Digg in recent months, myself included, about the quality of their content.

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