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Cliffs Notes version of Hillary Clinton’s White House schedules

By Griffin · March 20th, 2008 · 1 Comment

The media has started poring over Hillary’s First Lady schedules and they tell us pretty much what we already knew.  She started out deep in health care policy– by far the most extensive, and perhaps only, real executive experience of her life up until her current presidential campaign– but after the 1993 initiative failed in such spectacular fashion, she was removed from the political spotlight and went back to being a traditional First Lady.  Here’s a portion of the Associated Press’s analysis:

With the death of her health-care plan in September 1994 and the election that gave Republicans control of Congress, Clinton’s daily activities became more social and ceremonial.

The schedule shows her days were taken up by receptions for new members of Congress, a luncheon with the National Federation of Black Women Business Owners and visits to high schools and hospitals.

When Helmut Kohl, then German chancellor, visited the White House in January 1995, Clinton played a ceremonial role, according to the schedules.

And from Politico’s report:

To be sure, the schedules detail scores of White House meetings with foreign dignitaries and trips around the globe. But in almost every case, Clinton appears to have filled the traditional role of goodwill emissary rather than diplomat in her own right.

One typical instance was a three-day, January 1994 trip with her husband and daughter to Russia and Belarus. While in Russia, President Clinton and then-Russian President Boris Yeltsin unveiled an agreement between their nations and Ukraine intended to secure former Soviet nuclear warheads. In Belarus, the President prodded leaders to institute democratic reforms and signed an agreement to encourage U.S. investment.

When Hillary Clinton wasn’t participating in ceremonial events with her husband, her schedule shows she spent most of her time with Yeltsin’s wife and other Russian and Belarusian spouses and U.S. officials. She toured a cathedral and two hospitals, watched a birthing class, took in a ballet and had a lunch at the Kremlin of blinis with caviar and salmon, game chaudfroid and mutton baked in puff pastry.

In other words, despite her assertions to the contrary, Hillary Clinton was in fact the First Lady during the Clinton years and not the President.  That is, unless she can explain to us how those birthing classes and Russian ballets prepared her to answer the phone at 3 a.m.

Her one notable achievement post-health-care-debacle turns out to be a speech she gave in 1995 in Beijing to the United Nations World Conference on Women, speaking out for human and women’s rights in China.  But according to her and her husband, speeches are just words not actions.  The real question is, do you know the proper etiquette for lunch at the Kremlin?

Looking at these schedule recaps from various news organizations, the lack of substance is pretty striking.  Seems like Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience, Senator Obama has a lifetime of experience, and Hillary Clinton has a failed health care plan and a speech she gave in 1995.

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  • 1 Paul V // Mar 20, 2008 at 9:58 am

    Al sharpton Jesse Jackson, There are done ,,, they have a double standard,,, when it come to whites and black,, there is racism in the United State, most of it is coming from the Black Americans,,,, How can Al Sharpton say, its ok for black to get imus fired,,, for the comments imus made, but Jeremiah Wright is ok thousands of excuses a double standard,, its time for Jesse and Al to get out of the lime light,,, Had respect for all sharpton,, until I seen him on Oreilly ,, Just like Obama,, I voted for Obama
    in California,, but now when it comes time for the presidency He does not have my vote,, On CNN And Msnbc, I seen alot of barack Obama supporter out there saying
    I Hilary is given the primary,,, with the super delegates,,, Obama supporter are going to Vote for McCain,,, there for OBama lost my Vote, in fact I will Vote for McCain,,
    If OBama wins the primary,,, because

    Barack Obama is a liar,,,

    To all
    Obama speech ,,,, Not sure if you caught Not only did Obama,,, Refuses to denounce him,, but even More,, He say in his own words,,,
    Barack Obama was in church when Jeremiah Wright,, was spewing Anti-American, Racist ism ,,,, Those were his own words,,, barack was there
    After going on keith Oberman ,Show obama said he would denounce that if he heard that language he would leave and not tolerate it , and denounce it
    After he went on MSNBC,, he went on FOX CNN ABC< all the news station saying he was never there,,, in his church when he said these things,,
    But Now today during his speech,,He states flat out Say’s HE was there,,, Last week Barack Obama Lied,, went on all the news stations, and Lied,,
    But your not reporting that,,,, You can rest assure,,, cnn ,,, Fox , ABC,,, Msnbc,, are getting more on this ,,, they will be reporting on this, and we will see
    If you chose to report, Obama Lying on tv,,, If this was Hilary clinton lying and caught lying on all the new station,,, you can be sure,, you would talk about it every hour
    people will be on your station debating this,,,, people analysing , if it is hilary clinton but it was not her it was Barack Obama, ,, it bad enought He lied, about being in church
    With Jeremiah Write, when he said these anti american ,,,,,and still refuse to denounce him…all the news agency want to do is speak on how good his speech was,
    Not that he lied,,, Last week on all the news agency ,, He was never there today in how own speech He say I was there,,,,should play all Obama videos from last week
    stating he was not there,,, or heard any of the anti-american Jeremiah Write, said in his churc then play his speech today saying he was there and he did hear him in church and refuse to denounce Jeremiah Wright..

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