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Hillary’s bad luck with grown-up kids continues

By Griffin · March 31st, 2008 · No Comments

Emina Bicakcic talks to the New York Post about Hillary Clinton's SnipergateEarlier this month, it was revealed that the footage the Clinton campaign used to make its 3 a.m./Red Phone ad was eight years old, and one of the sleeping children in the ad turned out to be a now grown-up Obama precinct captain in Washington state named Casey Knowles.  The video Knowles made for YouTube criticizing Hillary Clinton’s scare tactics got more than half as many views as the original 3 a.m. ad itself.

Today, the young Bosnian girl who read a poem in 1996 for then first lady Hillary Clinton on the runway at Tuzla Air Base is revealed by the New York Post to be a now 20-year-old med student named Emina Bicakcic.  And Bicakcic’s version of events, not surprisingly, don’t square with Clinton’s tale of snipers and canceled ceremonies:

Bicakcic, asked if she feared any threat of violence that day, said she felt just the opposite.

“No,” she said, speaking at her home in Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital. “I was just excited. I wanted to look [Clinton] in the eye and say, ‘Thank you.’ ”

And Clinton, she said, seemed far more interested in her poem than in dashing for shelter.

“She was really listening,” Bicakcic recalled. “She was drinking in every word of my poem.”

Her poem begins with the words, “Peace has come.”

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