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Hillary wants NCAA superdelegates to overturn National Championship result

By Griffin · April 9th, 2008 · No Comments

End Politics As Usual reports that Hillary Clinton is expanding her sore loser-ism into the world of sports.  This is just phenomenal creative writing: 

In a move that’s sure to be seen as controversial, Hillary has contacted the NCAA Board of Directors to argue that Memphis is actually better qualified to be National Champion.

Ms. Clinton stated that Memphis, while losing the game, had actually shown more ability to act like a National Champion on Day One. She argued that Memphis had passed every test during the game, including scoring more points than Kansas for 38 minutes. For 38 minutes they had shown the experience necessary to be National Champion. “Just because some team comes along in the last minute and scores more points than the other guy doesn’t mean they’re necessarily able to be National Champion on Day One.”

“It doesn’t matter what the rules of the game are before it starts. What matters is how we change the rules after the game so we can have the winner we want.”

In other NCAA/political news, a quick glance at Barack Obama’s tournament bracket shows both judgment and vision.  Out of 64 teams, he correctly picked three of the Final Four.

Though in reality, the fact that the Final Four was comprised entirely of #1 seeds means that it didn’t take that much vision.  In fact, it’s probably a safe bet that the least knowledgable person in your office won the pool.

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