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Why McCain won’t win in November

By Griffin · April 14th, 2008 · No Comments

These types of ads are just too easy to make.

Take away the “D” and “R” tags and McCain might have a shot. But the war is too unpopular, the economy is too in the tank, and both McCain and Bush seem to have the exact same remedy for every American problem: Stay the course.

Republicans have a God-given gift for getting people to vote on water cooler issues above their own interests at home. And no doubt this fall they’ll try harder than ever to get people to vote for the candidate who’s the best bowler, or the most fun at the bar, or who wears their flag pin (made in China) most often. But considering the fact that next to nothing is going well in the United States of America these days, you have to believe that this will finally be the election where we all take a good honest look at our own lives, and the lives of our children, rather than turning our democracy– again– into a popularity contest. Otherwise, four years from now, we may very well have another 30,000 Americans killed our wounded overseas, another 10 million people without health care, an economy still suffering from neglect, and a President who has no clue what to do about any of it but a great sense of humor and a lot of flag pins.

To borrow a brilliant line from Philly writer John Baer’s column this morning: We might cling to religion and guns. I hope we don’t cling to stupidity.

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