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Clinton campaign learns nothing from Bosnia disaster, denies Hillary ever said “Screw ‘em”

By Griffin · April 17th, 2008 · No Comments

Not that there even is a right way, but this strikes me as the wrong way to deal with Hillary’s “Screw ‘em” comment regarding white working class Democrats:

Asked about the 1995 quote, which was recalled by three then-advisers to President Clinton, spokesman Phil Singer offered the names of two Clinton aides who had also been at the meeting, and recalled it differently.

The quote “differs from the recollection of other people who were in the room,” Singer said.

“Don Baer, Bruce Reed not only don’t remember the comment being made, but don’t remember the meeting where this allegedly took place reflecting the tone or tenor that was described,” he said, naming two Clinton staff policy advisers. “Some people are having a recollection that was contradicted by other people who were there,” he said.

The only thing denying the comment will do is keep the comment in the news, while the people who heard it battle it out for credibility with the people who didn’t, until finally an audio tape surfaces somewhere and blows the entire thing up.  Which is pretty much exactly what happened to the Clinton campaign with the whole Tuzla story.

Maybe the Clinton camp feels like the quote is so damaging, both now and in the general election, that it has no choice but to throw up a smokescreen of denials.  But what they’re really doing is making a bet that no technologically recorded evidence exists, a bet they already lost once in this campaign.

As for the legitimacy of the quote, it was independently verified by three different sources who were all in the room.  Even the most stringent journalistic ethics only requires two.  It was also written in– as far as I can tell– two separate books by two different authors (“The Truth of Power: Intellectual Affairs in the Clinton White House” by Benjamin Barber and “For Love of Politics: Bill and Hillary Clinton: The White House Years” by Sally Bedell Smith).

There’s no doubt it was said.

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