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Officially annoyed with the Democratic race

By Griffin · April 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

I’m feeling especially annoyed tonight, and it has nothing to do with who won or who lost.  It’s because once again in this race we get the most meaningless result possible.  As it stands right now, Clinton is set to take Pennsylvania by 10 points.  That deafening sound you hear is the whoosh of absolutely nothing changing.

If she had won by 15, the race changes.  If she wins by 3, the race changes.  But like we’ve seen in pretty much every contest since Super Tuesday, the race has decided to remain steadfastly and stubbornly stagnant.  Obama wins, but only where he’s supposed to; Clinton wins, but only where she’s supposed to; and neither wins by enough to bring anything approaching decisiveness to the race.  Clinton will pick up 15 delegates tonight, meaning that her chances of winning the nomination and her chances of dropping out of the race both just went from none to none.

In that vein, I can go ahead and predict the next several results with absolute certainty.  On May 6, Obama will win North Carolina, Clinton will win Indiana.  May 13, Clinton will win West Virginia.  May 20, Obama wins Oregon, Clinton wins Kentucky.  June 3, Obama wins South Dakota and Montana.  The superdelegates will trickle in at a painfully pointless speed for Obama, every meaningful Democratic party leader will stay on the fence, John McCain will continue his cross country tour on the Free Ride Express, and both Democratic candidates will have more baggage and be less popular than they are now.  There.  There’s the race for the next six weeks.  I just saved us all 42 days of our lives.

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