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Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey step up attacks on Sarah Palin

By Griffin · September 28th, 2008 · 1 Comment

From last night’s show:

My first thought was, “Why is Katie Couric pregnant?” Oh, yeah, because Amy Poehler is in real life. Sarah Palin is not an unintelligent woman, but– the look, the accent, the life story, the Oh-God-I-totally-forgot-there-was-a-quiz-today-why-didn’t-I-study-last-night interviewing style– she just presents so many comedic avenues. The sad part is that Tina Fey’s answer on the bailout is almost word-for-word exactly what Palin said.

In other news, a lot of people do Bill Clinton (at least, that’s what she said), but Darrell Hammond is Bill Clinton. I’ve been meaning to post about Clinton’s lukecold support of Barack Obama. Does anyone seriously think he’d be going out of his way repeatedly to praise John McCain if Hillary was the nominee? But Hammond captures it perfectly: “I… support… Barack Obama… is something I’ve heard from people all over this country.”

And SNL did do a skit on the debate, but it was boring and ran long, so I won’t waste your time. Fred Armisen still hasn’t figured out how to make Barack Obama funny. Again, my idea: Keenan Thompson (or better yet, Tracy Morgan) as the Barack Obama presidency that “skeptical” whites are afraid of. Have President Obama in the White House passing legislation that use of racial slurs is now a felony. Have President Obama bringing Secretary of State Diddy to negotiations with Ahmadinejad– and get Diddy to play himself (how about a Making the Supreme Court skit?). Have President Obama end every skit with an “As-Salaam Alaykum” and a fist bump. The possibilities are literally endless. Step it up, SNL. Armisen just umming and uhhing his way through Tony Rezko jokes is not getting the job done.

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