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GOP: A party of whiners

By Griffin · September 30th, 2008 · No Comments

When did the Republicans turn into a bunch of excuse-making cry babies?  Is this the same party that was walking around in cowboy boots post-9/11, bombing terrorists, threatening allies, kicking Democrat butt and taking names?  Just look at the trail of tears over the last 24 hours.

First, in what might be the most pathetic excuse ever for anything, the House Republicans blamed Nancy Pelosi’s mean “partisan speech” that hurt their feelings right before the bailout vote as the reason why they voted against it and wiped out your 401(k) in one day.

Later, Sarah Palin brought her daddy John McCain with her to Principal Couric’s office to explain that her Pakistan gaffe while talking to a voter earlier this week wasn’t her fault. It was the voter’s fault for questioning Palin at a pizza shop, when voters in pizza shops need to know their role as photo-op background extras and shut up. Just another case of gotcha journalism by the non-media, waiting-in-line-for-pizza elite.

Also yesterday, during a Fox News interview, McCain campaign strategist Nancy Pfotenhauer blamed Sarah Palin’s disasterous initial CBS interview on Katie Couric’s “trapdoor questions.” Trapdoor questions like: “Could you give me an example to back up what you’re saying?” and “Could you be more specific?” and “One more time, not to belabor the point, but one specific example please?” Although to be fair, during the VP vetting process, Palin did answer on the two-page multiple-choice questionnaire that one of her biggest weaknesses was “fall easily through trapdoors.”

And finally, Pfotenhauer again yesterday began making excuses for Sarah Palin’s potentially disasterous future debate performance against Joe Biden. These excuses were placed in a cryogenically-sealed time capsule and will be opened Friday morning.

That faint sound you hear is the world’s smallest violin playing softly for the GOP. And that ear-splitting sound you hear drowning out the violin is John McCain’s poll numbers nose-diving. Sorry, John, America is the greatest country in the world, and we don’t vote for whiners. But we’ll be happy to recommend a good shampoo.

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