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Palin is the wrong messenger

By Griffin · October 6th, 2008 · No Comments

I’m just going to be blunt here.  Sarah Palin is a national running joke.  She has the lowest favorability ratings by far of any of the four major candidates; she has no credibility among voters.  She may be wildly popular among the Republican base, but so is George Bush and torture.  Among independents and Democrats– and the common sense conservatives who are begging for her to quit– she’s Paris Hilton in glasses.  She’s late night talk show road kill, a walking comedy skit.  And to paraphrase her, she’s been at this, what, like five weeks?  Which is why sending her out to initiate these Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright attacks against Barack Obama is a mistake.

Barack Obama is Tiger Woods.  Sarah Palin is an amateur golfer no one ever heard of who won a local tournament back home where the reward was a round of golf with Tiger.  Imagine if this amateur golfer with the 30 handicap began talking trash on the 2nd hole.  Yeah, that’s what it looks like.

Voters don’t listen to attacks from politicians they don’t respect.  Outside of reading from teleprompters, memorizing talking points (sometimes poorly), and parading her kids around like medals of honor, Palin has done nothing to show that she’s a capable leader and certainly nothing to earn the respect of voters.  And with her unscripted interview performances– often erratic, often nonsensical, often failing the most basic fact check– voters have no idea whether what she’s saying about Barack Obama is true, whether it’s part of a consistent McCain campaign message, or whether it’s just another example of Sarah being Sarah.

The Associated Press has already characterized Palin’s latest line of attack on Obama as an “attempt to smear,” both “unsubstantiated” and “racially tinged.”  The media will not carry her water for her.  It will be impossible for her to effectively hit Obama on character issues simply because she has no credibility herself on the subject.  If John McCain wants to hit Obama on Ayers and Wright, he’s going to need to stop hiding behind his woman and do it himself.

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