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Michelle Obama proud she’s never stolen drugs from charity

By Griffin · October 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

I’m so sick and tired of Cindy McCain on the campaign trail saying– with a snarky smile on her face– “I’ve always been proud of my country.”  It’s fine to say you’re proud of your country, but when you emphasize “always” like that, we all know what you’re referring to, Cindy.  I know you insist that you’re not taking a shot at Michelle Obama’s comment earlier this year (a comment that was about politics by the way, not patriotism).  But America’s not stupid, Cindy, and neither are you.

It should be beneath the dignity of the wife of a presidential candidate to launch subliminal personal attacks against the other candidate’s wife.  And make no mistake, questioning someone else’s patriotism is very personal.  Regardless, wives should be off limits altogether, no matter how much Republicans love taking shots at them (Hillary, Teresa, Michelle…).

But since we’re playing that game, maybe Michelle Obama should start saying this on the campaign trail:

You know, I’ve always been proud of my country.  But I’m also proud of the fact that I’ve never developed an addiction to painkillers and stolen drugs from charity.

And when the media swarms around Michelle and asks if she’s taking a shot at Cindy McCain, she should say– with a snarky smile on her face– “Of course not.  I’ve just always been proud I’ve never stolen drugs from charity, that’s all.”

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