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Conservative FAIL: Joe Biden defends “Socialist/Marxist” Obama against right-wing reporter

By Griffin · October 26th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Yesterday, Joe Biden walked right into an ambush when a local reporter, Barbara West from W(T)FTV in Orlando, Florida, suddenly morphed into Sean Hannity.  In a brief five-minute interview, West took the opportunity to hammer Biden with the following fair and balanced questions:

Aren’t you embarrassed by the blatant attempts to register phony voters by ACORN, an organization that Barack Obama has been tied to in the past?

–Sen. Obama famously told Joe the Plumber that he wanted to spread his wealth around. Gallup polls show 84% of Americans prefer government focus on improving financial conditions and creating more jobs in the U.S. as opposed to taking steps to distributing wealth. Isn’t Sen. Obama’s statement a potentially crushing political blunder?

–You may recognize this famous quote: “From each according to his abilities to each according to his needs.” That’s from Karl Marx. How is Sen. Obama not being a Marxist if he intends to spread the wealth around?

–Now you recently said, “Mark my words. It won’t be six months before the world tests Barack Obama.” But what worries many people is your caveat asking them to stand with him because it won’t be apparent that he got it right. Are you forewarning the American people that something might not get done and that America’s days as the world’s leader might be over?

–Getting back to the “spreading the wealth” question, what do you say to the people who are concerned that Barack Obama will want to turn America into a socialist country much like Sweden?

The question on Obama being a Marxist led Biden to remark, “Are you joking?  Is this a joke?  Is that a real question?” Watch for yourself:

West later defended her interview to the Orlando Sentinel, saying she simply asked “some pointed questions … that need to be asked.”

But what’s funny about West’s interview is that it’s a perfect example of the conservative movement’s lack of faith in its own principles. Rather than defend conservatism in this election, they’ve devolved into a platform of name calling and guilt-by-distant-association scare tactics.

American presidents have been raising and lowering taxes for centuries. But suddenly, because Barack Obama wants to lower taxes on the struggling middle class and return the tax rate on the rich to what it was under the Clinton administration, he’s a Marxist who wants to turn America into Sweden. It’s completely ridiculous.

If conservative principles work, defend them. Explain how the Bush administration mangled them, and how they would be implemented properly under a McCain administration. But even John McCain won’t do this. When the financial crisis hit, the man who in the Republican primaries bragged about his record of deregulation and his faith in the free markets suddenly became the foremost advocate for strict regulation, the guy who had been warning us all along this would happen. If deregulation and free market faith works, defend it. Say Bush and Greenspan screwed it up, and defend it. Don’t suddenly put on a fiscal liberal hat and hope nobody notices you changed teams.

A big reason why the Republicans are about to get trounced in this election is because of their fundamental dishonesty with the American people. They’ve done almost nothing to take responsibility or adequately explain why so many principles of conservatism have failed so disasterously over the past eight years. They have shunned serious analysis and conversation for tricks and political games.

The entire Republican primary season should have been focused on what went wrong under Bush and which candidate was best equipped to fix– and change– conservatism, to bring it into the 21st century. But instead, they all dutifully bowed to Reagan/Bush government, and obediently bent over for the Republican Party’s special interest groups. Which is why McCain now has no ideas to run on, no solutions, and would much rather talk about Bill Ayers and ACORN than the middle class– you know, those 200 million Americans McCain never once mentioned during the three debates.

And the same thing goes for the Sean Hannitys and Barbara Wests out there, who think name calling and fearmongering equate to journalism. If you really believe Obama’s plan to lower taxes on the middle class will be harmful to the American economy, talk about it. Show us the numbers. Just calling it “socialism” and “Marxism” is lazy, counterproductive, fundamentally dishonest, and a complete failure of duty by the conservative media.

It’s exactly why the American people are looking at the Republican Party right now like, “Are you joking? Is this a joke?”

UPDATE: Apparently, conservative bloggers are overjoyed by West’s line of questioning. Finally, somebody’s asking the tough questions! LOL! The fact that this interview is their idea of what Americans care about shows how badly out of touch and mildly delusional conservatives have become this year.

Americans have lost $2 billion trillion in stock value in the last month alone two years. That’s money that many retirees and near-retirees were counting on to live. But thank God someone’s finally hammering Joe Biden on Marxism! Once again, I repeat…….

Are you joking? Is this a joke?

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  • 1 iGEL // Oct 27, 2008 at 4:23 pm

    It’s not just ridiculous, it’s wrong, too:

    Sweden is an export-oriented market economy featuring a modern distribution system, excellent internal and external communications, and a skilled labour force. Timber, hydropower, and iron ore constitute the resource base of an economy heavily oriented toward foreign trade. Sweden’s engineering sector accounts for 50% of output and exports. Telecommunications, the automotive industry and the pharmaceutical industries are also of great importance.


    Stupid americans…

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