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SNL: Biden and Murtha attempt to blow the election for Obama

By Griffin · October 26th, 2008 · No Comments

Once again, Saturday Night Live hits the nail on the head, this time going after Joe Biden and Jack Murtha’s foot-in-mouth syndrome in Pennsylvania:

And I realize I haven’t really commented on Biden’s remark last week that if Obama is elected, the world’s leaders would test his mettle as a young president. It’s probably true. Remember, John F. Kennedy came out of his first meeting with Nikita Khruschev feeling like he just got eaten for lunch. Remember also though that Kennedy quickly recovered and deftly averted world war during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

So it’s probable that Biden’s right, and the world will throw a few elbows in Obama’s direction just to see how the new guy reacts (keeping in mind that they’d do the same to McCain to see how the old guy reacts). But it strikes me as politically a dumb and unnecessary thing to say two weeks before an election.

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